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Mask of Feral Perception

Artifact 1 -- by BrilliantRain

Long ago, during the hight of the First Age, it was common for the powerful beings that ruled the land to create minor wonders for their subordinates, to increase their meager powers, and for themselves, so they would not be required to expend their concentration on minor magics. One of these minor items became known as the Mask of Feral Perception, for it enhances the senses to rival those of the animal kingdom.

The appearance of the Mask of Feral Perception differs depending on when it was made. Masks that date from the First Age usually appear as attractive moonsilver-alloy half masks that attractivly combine the features of a number of different animals, usually ones that are reputed to have good senses (i.e. cats, birds, bats, canines, etc.). Masks constructed in the modern age generally decorated in a similar fashion to the old ones, but are usually constructed mainly of wood with moonsilver accents and usually look more primitive, but no less beautiful for all that. When attuned, by spending 5 motes of essence, all of the user's senses are highened to supernatural levels, thus increasing the user's perception by +3.


This was built with the Savant and Sorcerer rules, using the charm Sensory Acuity Prana.