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Artifact • to •••••

These ornate crowns could be fashioned from any magical material and were very much in favor by those who often used great quantities of essence such as sorcerers. These crowns did the simple thing of letting their user regain motes from each one of the hearthstones set into the crown plus one outside the crown. Furthermore each stone when placed into the crown would as with normal attunement grant the unique power of the stone to the user.

The level of artifact is based on how many stones it can hold. One stone per level of artifact. The attunement cost is twice the level of the artifact.


How much faster? ...DeathBySurfeit

I think he means that if you have 5 Hearthstones in your Hearthstone Crown, you regain motes from all 5 at normal rates. I'd like to point out that the Artifact scale isn't linear. It's exponential. A level 5 artifact does way more then let you regain motes from 5 hearthstones. I mean, at some point it just isn't efficient to regain motes that way. I'd say at about 3 stones it becomes pointless.

I thought at first this was an Amulet at level 1. Your wording is horrid, Bog. This should be a flat effect at like, level 2 or 3. "Hearthstones set into this Artifact provide Essence regeneration at all times." - Telgar

Well, I still like it how it is though of course feel free to make your own version of this. You are definitly right about the wording though. Thanks. -BogMod