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*[[BogMod/Grindle]] One of the breeds of Demon Heralds.
*[[BogMod/Grindle]] One of the breeds of Demon Heralds.
*[[BogMod/HeavenlyJadeBird]] A most pleasing heavenly songbird.
*[[BogMod/HeavenlyJadeBird]] A most pleasing heavenly songbird.
*[[BogMod/IsisSeriesAutomaton]] Moonsilver gaurdian machines.
*[[BogMod/KirinOfTheEndlessSky]] A mighty God familiar employed in the service of the Bureau of Destiny.
*[[BogMod/KirinOfTheEndlessSky]] A mighty God familiar employed in the service of the Bureau of Destiny.
*[[BogMod/Ragin]] The god of southern nightmares.
*[[BogMod/Ragin]] The god of southern nightmares.

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Allright a little about me. I am 23 and male and have been RPing for about 10 years I think. Started with D&D 2nd Ed and stuck with that for a while. I have tried GURPS. All of White Wolf's games but Adventure!, Hunters, Demon and Wraith though I have read all of the books. Have also played Fantasy Trip, Car Wars, Godlike and 7th Sea. I have always been a fan of the fantasy genre and Exalted was perfect for me.

Having wandered the Forums of the Exalted Compendium and the the White Wolf forum for a while now I am now lurking my way to here where I shall in time add my own charms, plots, artifacts and the like.

Right, lots of stuff now, hope you all enjoy it.




  • BogMod/Alkaia A hunter and healer who dreams of sorcery.
  • BogMod/AmilarKelshen A young fire aspect bureaucrat keeping an eye out for traitors to the Legion.
  • BogMod/BlankFireAspect A generic outcaste for Seras.
  • BogMod/Carako An air aspect engineer playing with devices she shouldn't be.
  • BogMod/CynisAku A relaxed earth aspect healer.
  • BogMod/Faerin Young air aspect apprentice to an airship pilot.
  • BogMod/GanoYina A matriarch of the Gano Gens, she has been asleep since the First Age.
  • BogMod/GraciousYasmine
  • BogMod/IvoryBlossom An outcaste adventurer in the east recently widowed.
  • BogMod/Jida Old now this delzahn woman crafted the Scathing Sandstorm Style.
  • BogMod/KaralStridentEmber A prodigy of the fire and the blade of Lookshy's soldiers.
  • BogMod/Kateh Followed close at hand by elemental dragons this woman is whispered to be the Empress reborn.
  • BogMod/LedaalLisha A Dynastic adventurer dubbed the Princess of Thorns.
  • BogMod/NellensBarai A practitioner of Water Dragon Style in Lord's Crossing.
  • BogMod/NousaIndiga Over a millenia old this servant of Arilak helps watch her hidden creatures.
  • BogMod/OxChoi A strong youth suddenly thrust into a place of leadership.
  • BogMod/OyenKinan A famed duelist the loss of his son has made him turn his back on fighting.
  • BogMod/Rana The current elected leader of Daran. A stern forthright woman.
  • BogMod/RagaraIronWind An old and respected retired general seeking out anathema to challange...to a game?
  • BogMod/RagaraShalia An intense well bred fire aspect with some heretical ideas.
  • BogMod/SesusTan A bountyhunter for Exalted criminals on the Blessed Isle. When people need to be brought back or killed without getting the proper authorities involved.
  • BogMod/TaharoSetsuna An earth aspect aide to the Green Magi.
  • BogMod/TaharoUsagi A fire aspect aide to the Green Magi.
  • BogMod/TaharoVerion A wood aspect aide to the Green Magi.
  • BogMod/TenetPire A representative of the Emissaries of Perfect Water seeking to gather allies.
  • BogMod/TepetVim A dashing well bred young scion of the weakened house Tepet who wants to help make it strong but without pandering to the demands of his family.
  • BogMod/Tora Water aspect thief and respected artist.
  • BogMod/VaranaSu Eldest of the Dragonblooded of Darandis this earth aspect prefers to meditate her time away.
  • BogMod/VneefTilia A bit angry over her treatment compared with her siblings this fire aspect is part of Tepet Vim's brotherhood.
  • BogMod/WatsukoShinFan Commander of the Redoubt nearest to Greyfalls and the fallen Gunzoto Redoubt.








Solar Charms

Dragon-Blooded Charms

Lunar Charms

Abyssal Charms


Yozi Charms


Solar & Lunar Spouse Charms





Martial Arts

Places and Setting Things

House Rules

Strange thoughts and other odd things

My friends on the Wiki. Etrangere, Kraken, GoldenH, Jydan, David., Telgar, Kasumi, LeumasWhite, Moxiane, Enchantress, Andrix, Bastet, Nekomimi-Maiden, HeavenlyLily

People worth going to check out(yes I know its a short list, still getting to know the other people on here). DS, Ikselam, Mailanka, dissolvegirl, haren, CrownedSun, Blaque, Resplendence

Just saying hi to anyone who comes in. Feel free to post comments to anything you might find here. I love feedback or people just saying hi.


BogMod/SolarGame My solar game! 6 solars finding their way in a turbulent world.

BogMod/SolarGame2 New game starting up.


Nice stuff, Bog. I rather like it. There's soooooo much! -Jydan

Thanks Jydan -BogMod

What's the full URL and port and stuff for that IRC channel? - Malikai

(from memory - could be wrong)\\ Server: gryphon.magicstar.net\\ Port: 8080\\ Channel: #WoD - CorlanDashiva

We are on Port:6667 actually, you can use the magicstar network and any of the servers. I don't go on #Wod much but you will definitly find me and some others on #WoD. -BogMod

Cool stuff, Bog, as usual. :) And everyone who reads this should visit #WoD. It's good for your soul. - David.

Bog, when you read this, could you please put AmberFlower up on my Wikipage for me? Thank you in advance - Kraken - yay! thank you!

Heh. I came to the same conclusion about redeemed Abyssals. Ran it up the flagpole on the WW forums, nobody seemed to salute. The common view seems to be that Abyssal Exaltation screws with the Curse, and redemption simply unscrews it. I say screw that. Give the guy with the 2 Essence hit a break wherever possible. Moreover, I think that such a Solar would perhaps be the best chance for people finding out that the Great Curse exists so they can begin to figure out some way to cure it. - Tardach

Wow, found your Hierophant fiction in Dreams of the First Age section using the Wiki's Random function, and had to do a bit of investigation to find out the source, and I found out it was you! I'm really impressed. Great job! --UncleChu

Woohoo, back finally. Think I am gonna work on some more stuff now. Yay for 2E. - BogMod

Hey Bog. I notice that a pretty large number of your pages have been detected as Orphans. I'm in the process of linking from WikiContent to the orphans in the B section. Since you seem to be in a link adding mode recently, I was wondering if you could do some of this yourself for your own pages? I'd appreciate it. - Wordman

Ok Wordman, I think I have things more or less under control for orphans. Just poke me when I make new ones. - BogMod

*poke* There's a few up now. ;) Thanks for the help. :) - FrivYeti

Thanks for your help. Thanks to finding an evil bug that exposed many more orphans, I now have some more for you. - Wordman

Hey Wordman, fixed maybe a dozen or more of my Orphans. -BogMod