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Diadem of Renewed Fate</b>

<b>Manse •••••
Trigger: None

This stone only has true value to Ghosts, who are forever locked outside of the wheel of karma. If a ghost posesses the Diadem of Renewed Fate, she may alter her karma freely, as though she were still living. Thus, a monster might be redeemed through good works even after death. Though this gem has little value to the Abyssal Exalted, it is exceptionally valued amongst certain very elder Dead.

Ruby of the Newborn Bloodline</b>

<b>Manse •••
Trigger: Sex

This stone only has true value to Ghosts, who are normally unable to create living children without powerful Arcanos. Using the Ruby of the Newborn Bloodline, a Ghost may ravage a sleeping mortal. The mortal will awaken and experience the encounter, though they are effectively 'paralyzed' and can do nothing to stop the advances. No physical evidence will remain, and the attack is likely to be remembered as nothing more than a bad dream. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the willingness and attitude of the participants), the chances for a pregnancy to result from this union are effectively normal. Of course, given that this is an underworld Hearthstone, only those foolish enough to reside in a Shadowland need fear such violation. Such a union will always produce a Ghost-Blooded offspring, even if the combined essence of the parents is inadaquate.

Blood Miser Stone</b>

<b>Manse ••
Trigger: Concentration (Reflexive)

This stone allows a Ghost to immediately store any blood within line of sight, living or dead, Elsewhere. Ghosts regard living blood as an incredable intoxicant, and thus this stone can mean the difference between sharing a few precious drops with a ravenous crowd or hoarding an entire puddle of vitae for oneself. Since no discernable phenomina accompanies the mysterious evaporation of the liquid, the culprit might remain unseen if she is clever enough to hide the stone and no essence-sniffers are about. As a secondary use for Abyssals only, blood stored within the stone remains 'fresh' for the purposes of ingestion later. If the Hearthstone is rendered inert through transferance to Creation, this blood will go foul and become useless to Abyssals, and even Wraiths will find it vaguely unpallatable (though most will endure the rank taste simply for the 'high').

Oblivion Anchor</b>

<b>Manse ••••
Trigger: Obliviation

This stone is amongst the most prized the Elder Dead claim, and no Manse that produces such a prize goes unguarded for long. If the Ghost who bears this stone is sent to Oblivion, through Soulsteel or another means, instead of descending into the Well of the Void they will reform as if they experienced a typical demise. Unfortunately, the stone will shatter if such an event takes place, and the Manse that produced it will be riddled with cracks and flaws. The effective level of the Manse forever reduces by one. If a new manse is intended to cap the site, it will need to be constructed from the ground up. Old plans will no longer serve to channel the newly scrambled essence flow. The shattering of an Oblivion Anchor is obvious, and any Wraith who observes it will know that the enemy they just dispatched has eluded final death.

Mind-Flush Stone</b>

<b>Manse •••
Trigger: Mental Attack

This stone is prized amongst those Wraiths who are forced to deal with Necromancers, as it allows a ghost to retain free will in even the most arduous of circumstances. When confronted with magic which will interfere with rational thought, including such Charms as Command the Dead, the ghost is considered to be able to roll Willpower in a resisted contest even if such a contest is not generally allowed. Furthermore, if such a Ghost is summoned and compelled to service, they may double the die pool they employ to resist such a summoning. The Deathlords are known to persecute those dead who build such Manse, despite the fact that many Deathknights seek them out hoping to insure some measure of freedom from the dark masters they serve.

The Baitmaker Emerald</b>

<b>Manse ••
Trigger: Concentration

This blood emerald has the unique property of allowing the user to make any plasmic creature smell as though it has fresh, living blood. While the utility of such an action is not apparant at first glance, many ghost trackers will keep a small bird or rat with them until such a time as they are pursued by Hungry Ghosts. The scent of fresh blood is always more appealing than dead essence, so if the plasmic animal is released and the ghost makes haste to travel in the opposite direction, the Baitmaker Emerald can prove an effective survival tool.

The Ruby Manacle</b>

<b>Manse •••••
Trigger: Bleeding

This potent stone allows a ghost two unique properties. First, she will bleed, as a human being might. This alone will make a Ghost a millionare in the underworld, and even if the Manacle had only this power, it would still be widely sought. In addition to this talent however, the ghost can also bind other creatures to her. This 'blood-bond' will work on nearly any creature imaginable, provided that the victim is foolish enough to taste the blood of the Ghost on three seperate occasions. Unlike WoD: Vampire, these 'Ghouls' gain no particular benefits such as long life or potence, and remain as mortal as they were before becoming addicted.


Whoever put these up needs to make themselves a subpage for them. This is a by-writer listing, not the Stones themselves. Or, if you're too lazy for that, at *least* say who you are. - Telgar

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