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Who is Cynis Senactari?

Is she a beautiful courtesan, issuing her favors to the decadent nobility? In a dusky evening glow, a voluptuous woman giggles airily on one of her patron's knees. She swats his shoulder playfully, and he enjoys the aroma of her neck. He is an old member of the Dragonblooded host, and this evening his wealth has ensured her bedtime companionship. But he will not wake to find her next to him...

Could she be a shrewd merchant princess, ruling a silk and drug empire with an iron fist? She came from out of nowhere just a year before, and has swept the Realm's merchant empire onto its toes with her competitive practices in both legal and illicit trades. Now she has withdrawn to her chambers indefinately, and emerges only occasionally to issue another brilliantly calculated mandate to one of her devoted employees...

Is she a splendid musician, performing memorable shows that have changed the Realm? Her voice is golden honey, and her hypnotic dances captivate everyone with their seductive intensity. Rumors say she composes her own performances, calculating each note to an excellently articulated refinement. Her words have swayed satrapies, and her reavealing white silk dresses are above legendary. Also legendary is her love for privacy between shows...

Maybe a beautiful oracle, dancing on the spider-webs of the Heavenly Bureaucracy? She has appeared to many Dragonbloods, her blue eyes afire above mystic sigils painted on her porcelain cheeks. They do not know her function, but her authority is infallibly confirmed. It can be unfortunate to cross her, but none seeking to curry her favor have been able to trace her arcane path...

Or is she simply a fortunate unExalted Cynis, gifted by one of her family's more prestigious bathhouses? Raised in Cynis and attending primary school, it was soon evident that the young Dynast would not Exalt. Instead of succumbing to her shame, she revelled in it, and built a reputation for insight and skill almost unknown amongst unExalted mortals. Far more trusted than her peers, her only limitation to promotion seems to be her occasional irretrievable absence...

The real Cynis Senactari...
Cynis Senactari
Chosen of Serenity, Sidereal Exalted

Phy - Str/2, Dex/3, Sta/2
Soc - Cha/4, Man/3, App/4
Men - Per/3, Int/3, Wit/3

Serenity - Craft/2, Dodge/3, Linguistics/3, Performance/5, Socialize/4
Favored - Thrown/3, Presence/4, Athletics/2, Bureaucracy/3
Unfavored - Melee/1, Resistance/2, Larceny/2, Lore/3, Occult/2, Stealth/2,
            Awareness/2, Martial Arts/2, Medicine/2
Favored Specialties - Crafts.Fate/+1, Linguistics.Calligraphy/+1

Allies/1 - Breeze Over the Snows, a well-conntected spirit 'pet' dealer,
Artifact/2 - Undefined,
Acquaintances/3 - Senactari organizes and manages a Cynis bathhouse of 
                  undeniable popularity.  Within her old, original identity as
                  the mortal Cynis Senectari, those who attend the bathhouse
                  remember her well,
Celestial Manse/3 - Similar to her Imperial City bathhouse, Senactari has
                    made her Manse into a lavish den of languor and luxury.
                    A powerful water Manse, the Calm Waters is much more elite
                    and limited to Senactari's favorite people and Gods,
Connections/3 - (the Dragon-Blooded); most especially house Cynis,
Salary/2 - Though rich beyond mortal imaginings, Senactari is a minor Bronze,
Sifu/1 - A powerful Sidereal has grudgingly promised to instruct Senactari.

Compassion/3, Conviction/3, Temperance/1, Valor/2

Willpower - 7/7
Essence - 3 (Personal/13, Peripheral/34)
Paradox - 2/10

Charms                                  page    type       cost (duration)
Willful Weapon Method                   SD.141  Supp.      4m
Life Gets Worse Approach                SD.142  Supp.      3m
World-Shaping Artistic Vision           SD.144  Special    None (permanent)
Absence                                 SD.145  Supp.      1mBalthasar/[[CynisSenactari/TNr]]
Ice and Fire Binding                    SD.148  Simple     10m (one hour)
Compassionate Essence Fulfillment       SD.149  Special    None (permanent)
Heart-Brightening Presence              SD.151  Supp.      2m/die
Shun the Smiling Lady                   SD.151  Simple     7m (indefinate)
You and Yours Stance                    SD.152  Simple     10m+1wp (one scene)
Presence in Absence                     SD.159  Simple     5m
Systematic Understanding of Everything  SD.166  Reflexive  1m (special)
Underling Invisibility Practice         SD.178  Simple     4m (indefinate)


Combat           Plain
 Initiative:     +8
 Armor:          2B/1L
 Throwing Knives
  Melee                     Formula
   Spd:          +6         Dex+Wits
   Acc:          4          Dex+Melee
   Def:          4          Dex+Melee
   Dmg:          4L         Str+2L
   Rate:         Unknown
   Range:        Unknown
   Acc:          6          Dex+Thrown
   Dmg:          4L         Str+2L

Experience Point Record
 Colleges                 = 6xp
  Peacock +1 (From 1)
  Sorcerer +1 (From 1)
 Specialties              = 4xp
  Crafts.Fate +1
  Ling.Calligraphy +1
 Unspent                  = 2xp
                            12 total

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