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Here are the new Lunar Charms...

Invincible Spawn of Luna

Cost: 10 motes, 2 wp, 10 Experience Duration: instant.


Min. Attribute: Charisma 6, Intelligence 6

Min Essence: 7

Prereqs: Celestial behemoth Ascension, Pack of the Silver moon,

The animal avatars require attendants, whether new or old, and this charm allows the lunar to gain them. Already nearly a god, the mighty lunar carves out tiny bits of his soul, and kindles a spark within his new totemic animals, patterned after him, small gods reflecting the greater divinity of Luna. He meditates for a full lunar month on the form that this reflected divinity is to take, and then gives birth to his new children.

A number of totem animals equal to the lunars essence can be granted this power, and they take on the form of the celestial totem of the lunar. The lunar may add mutation points equal to his essence + Charisma to the Invincible Spawn so long as they are in theme with the spawn, usually making them surpassing excellencies or Glorious Hero Forms. The Spawn of Luna has the 10 point version of God Body, and awakened essence. Tied to the form of the avatar, they are born with moon silver tattoos running up and down their flanks. The Invincible Spawn are also sentient, with an inheritance equal to the lunars essence divided by two, which may be used to purchase skills, charms, and stats beyond the beginning level.

They may not change form, being fixed to the totem form, although they may add aspects to it, using various charms. The war totem charms are all considered favored charms for the Invincible Spawn. All other Lunar charms are not considered favored, although the Lunar in creating the Invincible Spawn may grant them a number of charms equal to the lunar’s charisma.

The Invincible Spawn have an essence pool calculated as a Half Caste’s and may increase their essence to their Lunar sire’s essence -2. Finally, not all the Invincible Spawn must take the same charms or skills—like all living things, they change as they develop.

Note that these are very much animal avatars—while intelligent, they are *not* human, and often have quite animalistic attitudes, based on their totem animal (or the original totem from which their lunar progenitor forged his own celestial behemoth). Pack based totems will lead to spawn that desire to define themselves in terms of a pack, while independent hunters will prefer to work alone, and herbivores may be less aggressive—but more steady in the defense. A lunar that tries to treat them as simple beastmen will soon find that his goals are…ill served. While they will, if they remain around people become more skilled at reading humans, and other non-animal cultures, they retain that shard of wildness that defines them.


For this first charm, does it seem too powerful? Oh, the pre-requisite charms come from GoldenCat and his lunar work. As I see it, these are very powerful creatures, on the level of experienced God Bloods or not so experienced DB's-- but at essence 7, there are MANY powerful things out there. In fact, should I scale the essence requiement back to essence six?