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Death Flies on Swift Wings</b>\\ Artifact <b>•••••</b>\\ Accuracy +3 Damage +3L Rate 3 Range 300\\ Requires: Strength 2; Commitment: 8

This bow of black jade and its accompaniments is a Shogunate-era copy of a weapon carried by Ulle the Dark Hunter, a Night Caste Solar Exalted. The original is said to have been buried deep within Pasiap's Stair. It is said to be the perfect assassin's weapon.

The bow has the dimensions of a short powerbow, and can fold in half. It comes with a matched black case, which also serves as the quiver of arrows. The case is made of from the smooth, glossy black hide of a long-forgotten beast. It carries the runes of Jupiter and Saturn, and is enchanted to all eyes have a tendency to slide away from it. When the bow is in the case, all onlookers must make a Perception+Awareness roll at Diff 2 to notice the case or the weapon. The wielder may also conceal the case with no penalty.

Arrows drawn from the quiver replenish themselves, though the quiver itself never holds more than 6 arrows at a time. The wielder can also command the quiver to produce most kinds of arrows, including normal arrows, piercing arrows, frog crotch arrows, blunt arrows, and signal arrows. The quiver can even manufacture flame arrows and fire arrows at the Storyteller's option. These arrows are all of fine quality, and have +1 to damage. All arrows drawn from the quiver last only for a scene, and then they disappear.