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Mrote, Orichalcum Throwing Klaive

Forged in the First Age at the behest of the Night Caste 'Gilded Shadows', Mrote was one of the finest examples of artifice ever worked for the purpose of a Thrown weapon. Nearly as long as a small sword, central haft wrapped with leather from a Behemoth, and dual-Orichalcum-Steel alloy blades etched with potent runes. One of those runes, filled with pure Orichalcum, proclaims the weapons name: Mrote, a word in Old Realm conveying Power and Energy, especially that derived from the Sun. One of the finest works of the Twilight who crafted it, the throwing blade remained in the possession of Gilded Shadows until the Usurpation.

During that time, it was used for innumerable ends. The life of many of an enemy of the Deliberative ended on the razor sharp edges of the blade, for it was the favorite weapon used by the Night Caste for assassination. When the Circle stood against Balgalapar, Soul of the Ebon Dragon, in the Viridian Manse in the last days of the Court of Twilight, it was Mrote -- golden light flashing in the darkness -- that avenged the deaths of Golden Shadows companions, and that cut out the heart of the Demon Prince. Years passed in which the blood of many dripped from the golden blade, until it was practically drenched in legions of Dragon-Blooded. Fleeing the initial betrayal, Gilded Shadows hid in the depths of the East and worked his own revenge upon the Usurpers for half a century before he was finally brought down by the Saturn-Caste Exalt 'Mourning Aria' and a small legion of Terrestrial Exalted.

The Cave, a potent Demense that Gilded Shadow had converted into a hideaway and center of operations, was converted into a tomb. Ivory Dragons set the walls with niches to store the bodies of the Dragon-Blooded that had fallen, and a proper resting place for their murdered lord. The blade Mrote, cleaned of the blood of their fellows, was set upon his chest and his hands folded across it. Mourning Aria left the cave last of all, her quiet words forgotten by time, and sealed the chamber with sorcery of the Celestial Circle.

There the blade remains, to this day, undisturbed since Mourning Aria sealed the tomb.

Artifact ••••
Orichalcum Throwing Knife
(thrown) Accuracy +2, Damage +4L, Rate 2, Range 50 yards
(melee) Accuracy +2, Damage +2L, Defense +0, Speed +5.
Commitment: 2

Other powers of Mrote:

  • Returning. Mrote returns to the hand of its wielder at the end of the turn, unless impeded or blocked by some means, and can even move through Elsewhere to return to the hand of it's wielder if necessary at a cost of 1 mote.
  • Sunburn. Mrote burns with golden solar radiance for a cost of 7 motes, as a reflexive action. This adds twice the Essence of it's wielder as an additional source of damage, soaked separately. The glare is bright enough to act as a beacon, or a torch, and lasts for a scene.
  • Sunflare. Mrote can erupt in a glorious burst of blinding light for 3 motes, as a reflexive action. Anyone other than a Solar Exalted within close proximity of Mote when it flares suffer -2 to all rolls that involve vision, including most combat rolls. This penality lasts a number of turns equal to the wielders Essence.