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the Long Coat

Noted for their resemblance to a heavy jacket or coat, the Long Coat is one of the more popular types of light armor among the Exalted. Able to be worn in almost any situation without attracting much attention, while still providing a moderate amount of protection. It can be produced in a wide variety of cuts and types, though most often leans toward a long overcoat or duster.

In the First Age, the Long Coat was most often used by those working under the Daggers of Heaven -- while the Solars themselves seldom wore such armor (with a few notable exceptions, who swore by the Long Coats), it was common among the Terrestrial Exalted who worked under them. The Realm has retained the secrets of making this kind of armor, which involves ground up jade dust (blue is preferred; black, red, and green are also acceptable) worked into the tough fabric of the coat as its being worked. The Deathlords have also produced some of this type of armor, though Soulsteel Long Coats tend to be more flashy and obvious with their skull and death motiff.

Long Coats are almost always made of Jade, though some examples exist of Soulsteel or Orichalcum.

Long Coat
Artifact Low-Profile Buff Jacket
(statistics) 4/5 Soak, -0 Mobility penality, 1 Fatigue
Commitment: 2

Other powers of Long Coats:

  • Fastening. It can be very conspicious to move around with your 'coat' all fastened up and otherwise deployed as effective armor. This problem was solved by thin lodes of jade in the lining of the coat, outlining the natural intersections of the coat. With a reflexive action, the Long Coat can fasten and secure itself. The wielder can do this in responce to a sneak attack with a Per + Awareness roll, difficulty 3.
  • Concealing. The wearer recieves +2 dice to conceal weapons beneath his Long Coat. This can typically include anything up to the size of a Daiklave or Short Powerbow; anything larger (a Great Daiklave or a Long Powerbow) is too bulky to be effectively concealed by the magic.


The soak bonus for this seems a bit high, at least including the other powers... Perhaps 3/5 with commitment 3 would seem more appropriate to me. It's a very cool idea though, and I think I shall be borrowing it.
-- Darloth