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First Age Legion's Officer Armor

'Honorable Armor', as it is known, is another design that has managed to survive fairly well in the time immediately after the Usurpation. While no where as impressive as Dragon Armor or even Jade Deliberative Guard-Dress (see below), the armor assigned to the Dragon-Blooded (and, rarely, Celestial Exalted) who were officers of the Deliberative’s Legions was effective and useful in it's intended role. That role was largely not one of direct melee combat, but rather leadership and the perseverance of the Chain of Command. Thus the 'Honorable Armor' is both protective for it's function in battle and inspiring as well. A lamellar breastplate reinforced with jade or other magical materials, 'Honorable Armor' was lower-key so as not to attract too much attention from the battlefield but still able to inspire more than the necessary respect and battle-prowess in the common legionnaire.

In the event of Death in battle, one's armor was typically buried with you or otherwise handled according to ones request. It was also not uncommon for retired officers to retain their armor, possibly passing it along to their Exalted children who also headed into service of the Deliberative in her legions. It is for this reason that more examples of the 'Honorable Armor' exist than perhaps any other First Age armor...

'Honorable Armor' was commonly made of Jade, but examples made of all the other Magical Materials were known as well.

Honorable Armor of the Legion's Officer
Deliberative Guard-Dress
Artifact •••
Jade Plate-and-Chain
(statistics) 8/9 Soak, -2 Mobility penality, 1 Fatigue
Commitment: 4

Other Powers of the Honorable Armor of the Legion's Officer:
Shadow of Greatness. The dangers of officers looking different from their troops is well-known, but the presence of an officer arrayed in all his finery is not to be underestimated. The Solar craftsmen of the First Age found a way to manage both! Any opponent trying to locate the wearer of Honorable Armor as an opposing Officer suffers a -3 penality to his awareness roll. However, his own troops have +3 dice for any roll to locate their officer in the field of battle. Lastly, the character gains +1 dice to all Performance and Presence rolls made while on the battlefield.
Honor's Spirit. An officer in Honorable Armor of the Legion's Officer isn't just more inspiring to others however; he feels better about himself and his duties, and working in ways that play into his convictions and beliefs feed his will. The character is considered to have an extra die of Conviction for all rolls involving the virtue (including channeling) while in the armor. This does not affect limit break, but it can limit his possible behavior if it pushes his Conviction to 3. This was considered an acceptable side-effect.