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Dragon-Focussing Prisms

Artefact • (Terrestrial Rank)

These artefacts are always found in sets of five (indeed they are useless if even one is missing), each a carefully carved pyramid in the five different colours of jade. When carefully aligned and precisely placed in a circle on a flat surface (requiring 30 minutes and a difficulty 1 Dexterity or Wits + Occult roll) the area they bound becomes alive with Essence, in much the same manner as a Demesne.

Any Exalt or other magical being of Creation within the circle gains 4 extra motes of Essence per hour than would normally be the case for that being’s level of activity. It should be noted that the alignment of the Prisms must be exact or the effect is lost, and the standard difficulty assumes an area approximately 3’ in diameter (big enough for a single person to sit in). To bound a small room with the Dragon-Focussing Prisms would increase the difficulty to 3, while a house might raise it to 5 (or beyond).