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First Age Deliberative Guard-Dress

The Ceremonial Guards of the Solar Deliberative were one of a truely elite force within the Old Realm, though they were always kept within the Blessed Isle to guard against threats to the Councilors and their families. Two hundred and fifty of the bravest and most honorable Terrestrial Exalted, these Dragon-Blooded were fifty of the bravest and most honorable Terrestrial Exalted of the Solar Realm -- rewarded for that bravery with service in the Guard, and the arms and armor their new station demanded. Those who had been selected to join the Guard were typically those who had proven themselves in battle against the enemies of Creation, though toward the end of the Old Realm a large amount of favortism had creeped into the selection process -- a few Deliberators even went so far as to surround themselves with what could better be called Terrestrial Courtesans, chosen for their beauty and sexual prowess rather than skill at arms or honor.

One was typically allowed to leave the Guardship at any time, and though the honor of the position was great it's demands were as well. Most Terrestrials served for 50 years or so, and then retired leaving the honor to one of a younger generation -- such retirees were permitted to keep the symbols of the order, and thus there was a constant demand for the ceremonial Armor and Weapons of the Deliberative Guard. As a result, this type of armor is among the most common type of powerful magical armor. The Realm also manufactures a few examples of such armor, though only rarely as the process is somewhat prohibitively expensive in both Jade and labor.

Jade Deliberative Guard-Dress is always made of Jade.

Deliberative Guard-Dress
Artifact •••
Jade Plate-and-Chain
(statistics) 11/12 Soak, -2 Mobility penality, 3 Fatigue
Commitment: 5

Other powers of Deliberative Guard-Dress:
the Empire's Honor. The demands of keeping order in the Deliberative chambers were quite taxing, and on occasion the Guards would even have to stand up before the awesome presence of the Solar Exalted. Thus, the Deliberative Armor was designed with this in mind. For 7 motes, and 1 willpower the wearer of the armor gains a few benefits for the rest of the scene. For the purpose of mind control effects, he recieves three extra dice on any willpower rolls or comparisons. In addition, double his Presence score.
Ceremonial Armor. A large part of the Guard's purpose was show, another function that was built into the armor: those wearing Deliberative Guard-Dress recieve +1 dice on Appearance and Performance rolls.
Cooperative Matrix. The Guard was expected to work together, and their armor was designed to increase the natural aptitude of the Dragon-Blooded for cooperative charms and effects. Subtract 1 mote from the charm cost of any cooperative effect, provided that all individuals who benefit are dressed in Deliberative Guard-Dress. This rebate cannot reduce a charm cost below 1 mote.