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Artifact Jewelry

This is a small page where I shall collection the different types of artifact jewelry that I create for my game, everything from interesting alternatives to Hearthstone Amulets to powerful magical necklaces and such. All non-legendary artifact jewelry that I make will go on this particular subpage, in full detail, regardless of level or badassitude.

Jade Choker

These elaborate silver, gold and jade chokers are quite popular among the Dynasty. Often set with various precious or magical stones, sparkling dimly in the low light of a dynastic party. The centerpiece of the design is the single hearthstone setting, which is displayed prominately against the neckline and often combined with plunging necklines and elaborate settings of carved jade tastefully decorated with gold. Among those that perfer the elegant design of a Jade Choker, there is considered to be a certain art inherent in the process -- many prominent matrons of the Realm compete quite fiercely to own the most beautiful choker which matches their favorite hearthstone in elegant and tasteful ways.

While the primary purpose of the choker is to look attractive, the artifact is built with some basic functions as well. The popular designs tend to vary every generation, but currently the following three variants seem the most popular: The Fire-eye Choker, made with the aid of Red-Jade, causes the wearer's eyes to glisten and burn with an intoxicating flame that attracts and keeps attention. The Hairfall Choker, made with Green Jade, controls and enhances the growth of the Dynasts hair, allowing him to develop vastly different hair-styles every morning. The Venom Eye Choker, made with Black Jade, glitters lightly and causes a spasm to run down the wearer's spine if he touches a glass or plate containing poison.

Jade Choker
Commitment: 1 mote

Powers of the Jade Choker

  • Fire-eye Choker
    • Blazing Eyes. The attuned wearer of a Fire-eye Choker gains +1 dice bonus on stare downs, and lowers the difficulty to establish eye-contact with someone of the opposite sex by one. In addition, others find him somewhat intriguing and interesting, though this has no exact game effect. This style of Choker is often utilized by those who need a little extra push in the social arena.
  • Hairfall Choker
    • Hair Growth. The attuned wearer can commit one mote of Essence during the night while she sleeps, which causes her hair to grow at an exgerrated rate. This growth is tightly controlled and resulted in the character looking like she woke up with long hair that had been extensively styled by a team of slaves. It usually takes about three nights to grow hair down to the floor with this charm.
    • Hair Styling. With the assistance of a mirror or some other way to oversee the process, the attuned wearer can style her own hair. Excess or unwanted hair falls off as if cut, individual strands of hair straighten or curl as the character wishes, and she can even coax her hair into shapes normally impossible to maintain without a great number of pins or other measures. This process requires a simple action, requires one minute, and costs three motes of essence.
  • Venom Eye Choker
    • Venom's Warning. If the character's bare flesh should touch poisoned liquid or solid food, or a container that has such, the jewels set in the character's choker glitter and sparkle. The character also shivers lightly, a sickening sensation running down his spine. The character can make a Wits+Awareness roll, difficulty 1, to notice these signs before he ingests any poison.
    • Poison's Bitter Taste. If the character should accidentally ingest poison despite the warning caused by this charm, this artifact causes the poisoned liquid or chosen food to become bitter and vile. The target may roll Stamina + Resistance; if he recieves at least three successes, he ejects the poison from his system via vomiting before he is affected.


Why does the Fire-Eye Choker specifically affect the opposite sex? Creation is ferociously pansexual. - Quendalon