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Beaten Silver Deliverance, Moonsilver Dire Lance

Many were the weapons of the Violet Goddess, but most favored of all was Beaten Silver Deliverance, forged by her own hands. A long and flowing expanse of narrow Moonsilver, Beaten Silver Deliverance is constantly changing it's shape in subtle ways -- yet always it seems razor sharp and deadly at the arts of war, moving from one intimidating design to another. Only the place where the bearer holds the weapon remains stable, folding itself to allow her the best possible grip and remaining in such a shape for as long as she touches the weapon. While especially radiant in the Moonlight, the power of the Beaten Silver Deliverance is so strong that it gives off a small amount of moonlight no matter the time of day or surroundings.

Among the Lunars, the Legend of the Beaten Silver Deliverance are many! It is said that the Moonsilver Blade was inspired by Luna herself, forged in the nights of the Primordial War. That it's brillant and perfect silver arc felled one of the Primordials, and no few of their creatures. The stories of the Deliverance from the First Age have been better preserved, the list of battles fought and foes felled recorded by No Moons of the Silver Pack. It is said that Juggernaut, while felled by the Dawn Vaorun, was harried and held at bay by the Deliverance. The list goes on: the Rogue God Thousand Graceful Whispers, Omn the Great Beast of the Waves, and the Fae Lord Lionmane -- all slain by the blade. Some Lunars still tell the tales of the driving back of Arad the Hunter, and the Beaten Silver Deliverance always plays a key part in such tales.

Few savants of the First Age would know the fate of the Dire Lance, except to imagine that it still remains with the First Age monster that originally forged and wielded it. Yet, among the Lunars and other wise folk, it is known that with the death of the Violet Goddess some century ago the blade was taken to a special resting place according to the wishes of Tirah herself. There it remains, to this day, it's location only known to a few of the Lunar Exalted who eagerly await her rebirth.

Artifact •••••
Moonsilver Dire Lance
(as Spear) Accuracy +2, Damage +7L, Defense +0, Speed +6
(as Lance) Accuracy +1, Damage +5L/+14L, Defense -1, Speed +14
(as Thrown) Accuracy +3, Damage +5L, Rate 2, Range 60 yards
Commitment: 7

Other powers of Beaten Silver Deliverance:

  • Thrice-Forged. Beaten Silver Deliverance was forged from the blessed Lunar Silver not once, but thrice -- in the form of a infantry's longspear, a cavalry lance, and a throwing javelin. It can shift between any of these three forms as a free reflexive action, so long as it is in the hands of its attuned bearer.
  • Sure Deliverance. In the form of a Spear, Beaten Silver Deliverance seeks to avoid obstacles and intervening cover between it and its target, shifting and even morphing to find purchase. Any foe struck with the Spear has 5 dice removed from any dodge pool, and the wielder ignores any cover-based penalities to its attack roll.
  • Forceful Deliverance. In the form of a Lance, Beaten Silver Deliverance is reactive and constantly shifting to offer the best impact on its target. When used in a charge, the Exalt does not need to make a ride roll to keep hold of the Lance or resist being unseated. Any foe struck in such a charge must make a Dexterity + Ride roll, difficulty of the wielders Essence, however or be knocked to the ground.
  • Piercing Deliverance. In the form of a Javelin, Beaten Silver Deliverance flows and becomes almost liquid in mid-air, yet retains all of it's deadly razor sharpness and force. A thrown attack that hits the target ignores half of the targets armor-based soak.
  • Moonsilver Barbs. With a cost of 4 motes, the Beaten Silver Deliverance sprouts a number of vicious barbs for the rest of the scene. These cause the spear to do additional damage equal to the bearer's Strength, soaked only by Stamina and Charm-based soak enhancers. This damage is soaked separately, and is a result of the vicious barbs being torn out of the victims flesh.
  • Crying Moonsilver Infection. With a cost of 7 motes, the Beaten Silver Deliverance seeps minute quantities of moonsilver-laced mercury for the rest of the scene. This causes no ill effect on the weapon itself, but is dangerous to anyone injured by the Deliverance. Each day following the infliction of the wound, they have to make a Stamina + Resistance roll with a difficulty of 1, plus the number of times they were injured during the battle (maximum of 5). They take one lethal for each day, until they succeed in a roll.
  • Lunar's Call. The Beaten Silver Deliverance knows the voice of it's master, and can hear his call from any location in Creation. Upon hearing that call, the spear slices toward the wielder at unimaginable speeds -- a silver streak slicing through the air! The cost of calling the spear varies depending on range, but the action itself is always reflexive. If the spear is within sight, this costs only 1 mote and the character gains the spear immediately. If the spear is within Essence in miles, it costs 5 motes and the character gains the spear at the beginning of the next turn. Any further and the power costs 10 motes, and the character gains the spear at the end of the next turn.