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Name: Arra
Caste: Dawn
Nature: Bravo
Anima: A great golden winged serpent of gold and white fire.
Concept: Angry young warrior
XP Left/Total: NPC

Strength 4, Charisma 2, Perception 2
Dexterity 5, Manipulation 2, Intelligence 2
Stamina 2, Appearance 5, Wits 3

2, Awareness 2, Dodge 3, Endurance 3, Martial Arts 3, Medicine 1, Melee 5(Twohanded Weapons 2), Occult 1, Resistance 3, Ride 3, Stealth 2, Survival 3

3(Red Jade Grand Daiklaive)
Mentor 3
Resources 2

1, Temperance 2, Conviction 3, Valour 3
Virtue Flaw Deliberate Cruelty
Willpower 6
Essence 3
Personal 15
Peripheral 36/28

Health Levels

Merits and Flaws</b>
Eternal Vow, Nightmares

Ox-Body*3(-1*3, -2*6)
Martial Arts: Striking Cobra Technique(3m)
Melee: Golden Essence Block(1m/2dice), Dipping Swallow Defense(2m), Bulwark Stance(5m), Excellent Strike(1m/die), Hungry Tiger Technique(1m)
Resistance: Durability of Oak Meditation(1m/2B)

Power Combat</b>
<b>Base Initiative
8, Soak 2B/1L/0A or 10B/7L/6A, Dodge 11/9, Mobility Penalty 2, Fatigue 1
Fist: Speed 8, Accuracy 9, Damage 4B, Defense 10, Rate 5
Red Jade Grand Daiklaive: Flame of the Morning Speed 18, Accuracy 14, Damage 16L, Defense 11, Rate 3

Arra is a tall woman of definit Delzahn origins, youngish, probably 17 now. Dark skinned, with a thick head of read hair. She dresses in traditional male clothing for one of the Delzahn but does not take the grey of the Dareth in complete seperation from her peoples traditions. Given to her by Crimson Glass is the red jade grand daiklaive she keeps with her constantly, Flame of the Morning. She doesn't laugh much, is always serious, and usually in a bad mood. She didn't take her exaltation well, and sleeps badly still. She does however have the advantage of the only person that Versai does not make fun of.

In the area of the desert her tribe lived in, visitations by Tamuz' raiders were not so uncommon. That did nothing to dull their spirits however, for the raids by Tamuz were honourable, noble battles between hearty nomads and his own barbarians. She always wanted to take part in those battles, something about the idea of a blade in your hand, a camel under you, and a foe to match yourself against thrilled her. She showed great potential for weapons and everyone expected her to become Dereth when she left to choose her sex.

She never returned. Another tribe that was in the area was the Dune People, and they were not the honourable warriors that Tamuz's tribe was. She had a sword though, and the first fell from the first stroke of her blade. As his blood spilt onto the sand, as she killed her first foe golden light burst from her and the Dune People ran.

She ran too, for her people worshiped the Immaculate Dragons in their southern ways and would not tolerate one of the Anathema. She worked her way west, earning a name for herself as every person who tried to take advantage of the young woman ended up in a messy end. In Chiaroscuro, she was found by Versai who figured out what she was and conned Crimson Glass into hiring her into the band. She accepted, but only because she had no other place to go. She is the least trusted of the Brotherhood, as she only feels she is there because there is nothing better.

<b>Plot Hooks</b>

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