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Temple’s Rosary
Artifact: •••
Commitment: 2 motes

Temple’s Rosary was forged by Calistryx, the questing soul of Jacint, for her proxy the akuma Temple. It is part of a set of equipment known as Temple's Vestment.

The Rosary is a necklace formed of beads ranging from an inch to an inch and half in diameter. Each bead is crafted from a rough conglomerate of Ash Damascus, Malfean Brass, and bone. Each one is shaped with a unique set of grooves and holes. To activate the device, the user must commit an additional 3 motes. This causes the necklace to break apart and the beads to take flight circling in an orbiting pattern, generally over the character’s head. As the beads spin, the grooves and holes channel the air into a shrieking howl.

While active the Rosary invigorates the user, effectively increasing his Athletics and Resistance ratings by 2; this effect adds dice in addition to affecting calculations that derive from those values. Furthermore, increase the character’s movement rates by 2. Finally, a portion of this invigoration effect can be extended to up to the wielder’s essence x2 allies. This costs 1 mote, uncommitted, per ally and lasts for a scene. By committing the motes, the effect can last for up to a day. Effected allies receive the same bonus to their Resistance ratings. In addition they will always be able to match the character’s speed, so long as they are traveling via identical means (e.g., if the character is on foot, it effects everyone on foot, if the character is mounted, it effects everyone who is also mounted).

Calistryx will always be aware of the user's location and actions, in addition to being able to hear anything from the Creed's location.


Ambi, I think this might be a level 2 item. It just doesn't seem that useful or potent. - Telgar

I would think that with the actual increase to die caps, it becomes well worthwile - but because that's something that costs motes to take advantage of, I'd drop the commitment to 2 or 3. - TheHoverpope

As the H-Pope points out, it does increase caps. I also feel like the ability to effectively share any movement enhancing charms or effects with your allies is incredibly useful. In you opion, what would make the device more useful?-Ambisinister