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Temple's Cloister

Artifact Level ~ 4
Commitment ~ 10

Temple’s Cloister was forged by Calistryx, the questing soul of Jacint, for her proxy the akuma Temple. It is part of a set of equipment known as Temple's Vestment.

Cloister is both beautifully and intricately wrought. Shimmering breast and back plates form the core of the suit. It also possesses pauldrons and faulds formed from overlapping lobstered plates, a gorget, and finely articulated, gauntlets, greaves, and boots. The armor is forged primarily from Ash Damscus, although the centers of most of the pieces are plated in bronze like metal, making it appear as if the Damascus is simply stylish edging. Etched into the greaves are images of stylized cyclones, while the back plate bears a crumbling tower. Perhaps the finest engraving on the piece is on the breastplate, which features a lone figure standing resolute amongst wind blasted dunes. Cloister possesses a single hearthstone setting on its right breast, with the socket set into the center of the sun in the engraved desert scene.

The armor is significantly lighter than it appears and is extremely comfortable to wear. While this is due in part to its exquisite construction, it also a factor of the powerful enchantments placed upon it: The armor, and by extension its bearer, is imbued with the powerful speed and unstoppable freedom of a gale. Double the attuned user’s movement and jump rates, and quadruple his dashing rates. Should the user attempt a jump action immediately after dashing, that jump will also benefit from the quadrupled rate. This blazing speed is not limited to locomotion, and for the cost of 5 motes the character can remove up to four points from a multiple action penalty in a flurry and reduce the DV penalty by 1. This effect may only be activated once per flurry. Finally, the character is almost impossible to contain, adding twice his essence in automatic successes to any attempt to escape restraints or confinement.

Calistryx will always be aware of the attuned user's physical location in addition to being able to feel and taste anything as if she were in the character's body.

Temple's Cloister-Light Armor ||Soak B/L||Hardness||Mobility||Fatigue|| ||10/10||6||-0||0|| Ash Damascus is a Malfean magical material equivalent. It takes the appearance of a greasy black metal with whorls and veins of a vibrant red. When harmonized with Ash Damascus armor, a character increases the armor's hardness by 2 and reduces his wound penalties by 1.


Is it actually a 4 point artifact? Hard to say. -Ambisinister

I would personally put it at a very high four, possibly low five. But it is definitely well above 3. The soak without penalties would already make it a good 3, the mobility is very powerful, it soups up attacking quite a lot, and it's got the added arcane link benefit. It's pretty sassy.- TheHoverpope

Interesting that the father of demons thinks a link back to the device's Yozi overlords is benefit. And you think it's sassy, what more could a guy ask for?-A.
Well, for the one who crafted it, it's certainly a benefit. Presumably it is for the Akuma too, what with being reconstructed to suit the yozi's will. As for the level - I don't know if you use the canon armours; I personally think them pointless past level three, but consider reinforced breastplate a fully viable 3 - and just the stat line alone of this is better than that. But, those aren't so pupular at all, so who am I to say? - TheHoverpope

Actually, Ambisinister, I would only rate this a level 3. The powers are not powerful enough to make it a level 4. Level 4's have several potent magical abilities, this armor does not. And its stat line simply isnt all that impressive. Level 3 fo' sho'. - Telgar