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Stealth and Disguise

Holographic Populat Projectors
Cost: 3m[1m]; Mins: Appearance 3, Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Internal
Duration: One scene
Prerequisite Charms: Optical Shroud

A small assembly of orichalcum and moonsilver mirrors and coiled core installed just where the solar plexis would be on a human is put under the flesh of the alchemical. When charged with Essence the projectors create a crowd of semi-trangible people around the Champion. These people seem to come out of appropriate places rather then appearing out of thin air. The crowd is just similar enough to the Alchemical to throw off those trying to spot or track the Champion imposing an External penalty of half Essence(round up) to all Awareness and tracking rolls.

They have enough solidity to pass any light contact though shimmer and are disrupted and vanish with serious contact such as an attack. They also can not communicate though can respond to basic stimuli such as pointing or bowing or getting out of someone's way after a loud path clearing shout. Anyone with serious interaction with a projection or on the lookout for things out of the ordinary can make a Perception + Awareness roll at a difficulty of the Alchemical's Appearance to pick up on the not quite human qualities of the projections and know something is up.

Bazaar Assembly (Wits 4, 3xp): This starmetal processor fits nicely on the side of the coiled core. Spending a point of Willpower when activating Holographic Populat Projectors gives them a degree of interactivity. They can talk and respond and act the part of what fits for the area. They will hagle with holographic merchants, seem to monitor machines or relax in a dinner with cups untouched having a conversation. By concentrating the Alchemical can listen in on any conversation they are having and control it allowing for an additional form of espionage. This coencentration imposes a -2 internal penalty on all other actions the Alchemical takes.
Assembly Line Mirage (Intelligence 3, Essence 4, 3xp): A complex recalibration of the basic charm allows the duplicates to perfectly mimic the Champion. In combat this means that the duplicates impose their External penalty to attacks on the Alchemical as people constantly have to work out which of the moving copies is the real one. If Bazaar Assembly is also known the Alchemical can make a singular projection of themself to send out to interact with someone while they remove at a safe distance. In this case the Alchemical must have visual sight on what is going on to maintain the otherwise flawless hologram.
Integrity Stabalizers (Stamina 4, Essence 4, 4xp): This jade housing for the charm and its submodules also helps to connect it to the Champion's Essence resevoir. Paying double the motes for this charm allows the projections to have more solidity. They can perform basic tasks now such as operating the machines of a factory or working as staff at a restaurant. The Alchemical must concentrate to have them operate such things without mistake imposing a -2 internal penalty to all actions the Alchemical takes while they operate.