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Charms of Abyssal Melee 3vil, by Han'ya

Void Stills The Unquiet Blade

Cost: -
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Avatar (4)
Duration: Permanent
Minima: Melee 4, Essence 3
Prerequisites: Ravening Mouth of Melee

Most people outside of the Underworld don't really get what "servant of Oblivion" actually means. The concept that something that exists would assist something whose goals are counter to the very fact of its being is a difficult one for most to grasp. Still, that is what an Abyssal is, willing or not. Abyssals with this Charm are frightening indeed, for they are creatures apart. In their presence, soulsteel falls quiet, the writhing spectres within retreating into the depths to avoid such a dread avatar of the Maw. Whenever they attune themselves to a soulsteel artifact, the gibbering spectres within are made still, the last cobwebby remnants of a mind washed away to make way for the purity of the Void. Abyssals with this Charm attuned soulsteel weapons drain an additional number of motes equal to half the deathknight's Whispers rating whenever they inflict a level of damage. Abyssals must also roll (Willpower) at a difficulty equal to the artifact rating of the artifact to successfully attune to any soulsteel artifact.

Iron Juggernaut Execution

Cost: 5m, 1w
Type: Simple (Speed 12)
Keywords: Obvious, Avatar (2)
Duration: One Day (or until armor is removed)
Minima: Melee 5, Essence 4

The Neverborn slumber fitfully in their cathedral-tombs. Their tortured mumblings are the dogma of the Underworld's one true religion, and one of the truths they have passed up from the lip of the Void is this: To be restrained is to be mighty. To be entombed is to be free. To be encumbered is to be strengthened. A dutiful adherent can take this wisdom to heart and use it to make himself an unstoppable force. This Charm may only be activated after the deathknight dons armor with a mobility penalty or fatigue value. The deathknight mumbles a short prayer to the Neverborn in a disturbing glossolalia, and then rises up, filled with the truth of the Iron Juggernaut Sutra. For the remainder of the scene, he converts all mobility penalties due to armor or being bound or restrained in some way to bonuses, eliminating the penalties and adding a number of dice equal to the penalty to all non-Dexterity-based physical pools. He also converts the fatigue value of the armor into a bonus, increasing the number of hours for which he can act without tiring by the armor's fatigue value. This Charm ends as soon as the armor that was donned preceding activation of this Charm is removed (whether by the deathknight or by another), or after the bleeding sun of the Underworld has again dragged itself across the sky.


Uh, for your first charm? It already exists in the form of Ravening Mouth of (Ability) on page 122 of the Abyssal's book. As for the second one I like the theme of it but am at the moment not sold completely on the mechanics. I will need to think on that one more. -BogMod

hn. you are correct as usual. I feel stupid now. - Han'ya