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== Charms ==
== Charms ==
* AbyssalPerformance
* [[AbyssalPerformance]]
* DragonBloodedPerformance
* [[DragonBloodedPerformance]]
* SiderealPerformance
* [[SiderealPerformance]]
* SolarPerformance
* [[SolarPerformance]]
== Other Pages ==
== Other Pages ==

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Performance allows the character to express themselves artistically to an audience. It covers giving speeches, but not creation of artistic works.

  • 1E caste/aspect ability for: Zenith, Midnight, Wood, Serenity
  • 2E caste/aspect ability for: Zenith, Midnight, Wood, Serenity
  • Prayer (ex2e.132)
  • Rallying troops (ex2e.165)
  • Social combat (ex2e.172).

Stunt Examples

  • Shaming an honest governor into retirement through slanderous satirical plays alone.
  • Halting a battle by singing about peace so eloquently, that none on either side wishes to fight anymore.
  • Lead and inspire an army.
  • Convince the City Council that you could be a valuable asset and so the should not kill you.


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