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I'm running a Sidereals game called JustAddWater.

May God have mercy on my soul.

I'm also playing in Haeccity's TaleOfTwoEmpresses.

My God have mercy on us all.


So. Suppose you've tempted other Wikizens into loving your game. Do you plan on starting any others, taking other players, or giving the rest of us the chance to play in what I believe is the first 'proper' Sidereal game I've ever seen? -- GreenLantern

Well, we do have a few problems getting players, that *stay* with us and last I knew, we *were* looking for more ... So, post in out thread on (link is on the game page) or come to the rpgnet IRC channel to ask out great master about it - I'm not sure, whether he checks this place ;). --Dakkareth

I could drop a hint or two to Our Great Lord about it over AIM in forewarning? --Shadow_Lynne

We'd love to have an additional solid player, would help things quite a bit. We play on Magicstar, meeting in #rpgnet and then going to #Sidereal and #SiderealOOC every tuesday at 7:30 EST. You can PM me at RPGnet, post in the thread in the RPGnet PBP recruiting forum, respond here, IM me at CaelinR (via AIM), or email me at adamiani [at] Umich [dot] edu with [Just Add Water] in the subject line, if you're interested. -ADamiani